From digital marketing and online distribution to the impact and influence of social media, the consumer goods and services industry is increasingly dynamic, presenting businesses with great challenges as well as opportunities. Whether you are evaluating consumer needs and preferences, target audiences, brand strength, distribution or new product opportunities, we believe a multi-dimensional view of the marketplace is highly valuable.

8 Acre Perspective takes a holistic approach to evaluating consumer goods and services, typically integrating B2B interviews among industry thought leaders and retail distributors with consumer qualitative and/or quantitative research. We also conduct rigorous secondary research to inform study design and data analysis.

Strategic areas of exploration include:

Market opportunity: estimating demand and revenue potential.
Distribution: assessing channel dynamics and informing channel strategy.
Targeting: identifying, sizing and understanding the best audiences for your product/service.
Brand positioning and messaging: determining how well your brand positioning syncs with the needs/preferences of the marketplace and competitive analyses to identify specific strengths, weaknesses and whitespace opportunities.
Innovation, product testing and pricing: bringing the right products to the right audiences at the right price.

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