Whether it is the purchase of a food or beverage product at a retail outlet or the selection of a quick service restaurant at a food court, consumer choices come down to brand associations and evaluations. Decisions are informed by both deep-rooted needs and beliefs as well as ‘in the moment’ experiences.

At 8 Acre Perspective, we assess brand strength and opportunity and identify the drivers of brand commitment by understanding the full range of components that can influence consumer decision-making. We dig deep to understand factors such as: reputation, sensory experiences (feel, smell, taste), uniqueness, quality, healthiness, available options, convenience, customer service, cleanliness, and packaging/presentation.

We uncover the dynamics at play, determine where your brand and products stand today, and identify areas of opportunity and potential competitive advantage.

We employ a range of resources from traditional focus groups and quantitative A&U studies to ethnographies, shop-alongs, mystery shopping and observational audits to inform targeting, brand positioning and messaging, channel strategy, store design, menu selection and product pricing and packaging.

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