Guiding the Evolution of a Long-Standing Audio Brand

Business Goals

Our challenge was to help transition our client from its core heritage in floor-standing speakers to a compelling positioning in new audio arenas such as wireless multi-room audio and portable Bluetooth speakers.


1. Qualitative research to explore the role of music in people’s lives and how the emotions people connect to their music impact how they want to access and listen to it. We also examined brand perceptions and sources of influence such as online product reviews and in-store staff.

2. Quantitative segmentation study among 4,000 consumers. The survey included general questions about music, audio equipment, shopping behaviors and brands as well as deep-dive modules by product category, including gaming, home theater, portable Bluetooth and multi-room audio.


Our analysis uncovered and sized segments within the audio equipment buyer market and developed in-depth portraits of their values, needs, behaviors, sources of influence and decision-making processes. We discovered opportunities for sales growth by segment with clear direction on priority segments for each product line, and provided direction on messaging, product category dynamics, and price sensitivities to help reach the targeted consumer segments at the optimal place in their path to purchase.