Advertising and Marketing Communications

Developing an Impactful New Brand Direction

Business Goals

Our client, a global wealth and investment management firm, developed a new brand positioning manifesto and sought to evaluate this new brand direction. The research also aimed to assess customer receptivity to several creative approaches developed by our client’s creative agency partner.


Two-phased research program incorporating telephone one-on-one interviews, video one-on-one interviews and in-person focus groups among financial advisors, clients and prospects:

Phase I: To assess overall receptivity and motivating power of new brand direction and identify areas requiring clarification and improvement.

Phase II: Test creative approaches to the brand positioning to determine preferences and breakthrough potential.
characteristic words etc.


The research showed that while the overall thematic approach to the manifesto was on target, proof points needed to be revised and reprioritized. Based on this research program, the firm was able to align its overall brand strategy and clarify next steps in moving forward with execution.