For research to have real value it must meet three criteria:

  • Move beyond the obvious to uncover new and relevant insights
  • Connect the findings to what’s happening within your firm and industry
  • Answer the question “What do we do next?”

At 8 Acre Perspective, we design and execute research programs that not only answer your questions, but tell a broader story within an active business context. Our “management ready” reports, focused on insights and implications, ensure a positive return on your research investment.

Methodologically agnostic, we are able to tap into our deep research toolbox to design the ideal custom engagement.

Qualitative research provides the opportunity to go beyond surface responses to tap into the underlying needs and emotions that drive decision-making. Empathic listening skills, subject matter knowledge and the application of proven techniques and strategies enable us to maximize the value of your research investment.

  • Focus Groups
  • Telephone and video-conference IDIs
  • Online discussion groups
  • Ethnographies
  • Observational research
  • Usability

Context is critical. All of our surveys are informed by an in-depth review of industry and consumer trends, competitors, and subject matter research. Our quantitative programs often begin with up-front stakeholder interviews, workshops and/or qualitative research. With a strong survey in-hand, we focus on analytical rigor and business-oriented data analysis to deliver insights you can act upon with confidence.

  • Online, mobile and phone
  • Consumer and B2B
  • Domestic and international
  • Advanced analytics: conjoint, segmentation modeling, T.U.R.F., and many others

We structure and facilitate ideation workshops among business stakeholders to help maximize the value of your research investment through better up-front planning and post-research activation.

  • Project planning and alignment
  • Product/service innovation
  • Creative development
  • Research debrief and roadmap creation


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Brand Strategy

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Thought Leadership