Brand Strategy

Enhancing the Value of a Competitive Swimwear Company

Business Goals

Our client, a private equity firm, recently added a competitive swimwear brand to its portfolio of sportswear companies and sought direction on growth opportunities for this new acquisition.


Comprehensive multi-faceted approach to understand category dynamics and momentum, brand health and growth opportunities.

1. Online quantitative survey among adult swimmers, parents of swimmers and swim team coaches.

2. In-depth telephone interviews with decision makers at swim team dealers and retailers.

3. Observational in-store visits to swim team dealers and retailers.


The research uncovered several key strengths to leverage as well as some major hurdles to overcome to ensure the brand’s future growth in the category. Highly popular as a lower cost option but with limited consumer familiarity, the brand had experienced distribution deficiencies and considerable competitive pressure. We identified new product, channel and marketing opportunities to maximize the brand’s sales potential.