Customer Experience

Creating Deeper, Stickier Relationships with Clients

Business Goals

Our client, a global financial services firm, aimed to attract banking assets with the introduction of a new premier cash management offering. As it planned to roll out this new program, it recognized the need to obtain benchmarks on the current cash management experience, gather insights to inform the roll-out strategy and subsequently measure the impact of the new offering.


Quantitative pre- and post-telephone surveys among clients at various levels of cash management engagement with the firm.

The pre-wave survey assessed the current cash management experience and also included a concept test of the new offering. Importantly, this survey also assessed the customer journey, providing rich insights into factors that have led to greater engagement with the firm’s cash management services.

The post-wave survey measured the impact of the new premier offering among users and awareness and receptivity of the new product among non-users.


The research had a significant impact, informing both messaging and advisor sales training for the new offering. It also allowed the firm to effectively measure the impact of the premier program on the customer experience and identify strategies for continued growth within cash management.