Working in the New Normal

HealthEquity (2021)

After a year of remote work due to COVID-19, many employers considered making changes to a “new normal” working environment. HealthEquity, a leading administrator of health savings accounts and other customer-directed workplace benefits, partnered with 8 Acre to explore employees’ views on their evolving work situations and how well their organizations were meeting their needs.

Highlights from the survey of more than 1,000 employees who had transitioned to remote working environments during the pandemic include:

  • Employee satisfaction directly correlated with whether an organization adjusted their benefits in response to the pandemic.
  • Employees want flexibility above almost anything else. This is especially true for women; however, women are less likely to be in jobs that offer that flexibility.
  • Nearly 8 in 10 employees want to maintain some level of remote work, either via a hybrid model or working remotely full time. Those who preferred remote work said it helps them to be more productive and mentally healthier.

Publications in which this research has been cited include ALM BenefitsPRO, HRMorning, and Nasdaq.

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