Bitcoin as an Investment: Today and in the Future

Grayscale Investments

Introduced in 2009, Bitcoin is now a popular topic of discussion for investors, advisors, financial institutions, service providers, regulators, and policymakers. As Bitcoin continues to reach a broader, mainstream audience, Grayscale, a leader in digital currency investing, has partnered with 8 Acre Perspective to evaluate and track evolving attitudes and perspectives around Bitcoin.

This is an annual study, with the first wave conducted in 2019. The 2021 study found:

  • Three times as many investors would consider owning Bitcoin as an investment vs. as currency
  • Most Bitcoin sellers report having turned a profit
  • A Bitcoin ETF would have a significant positive impact on participation in the Bitcoin market
  • While Bitcoin remains the most popular cryptocurrency, there is significant awareness of other crypto assets
  • More than ever, the ability to start with a small amount would be a motivating factor to consider Bitcoin

This research has been cited in Bloomberg, Business Insider, Fortune, TIME, Yahoo! and other publications.

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