Customer Experience

Designing the Workplace of the Future

Client Goals

In light of evolving preferences for conducting business remotely vs. in-person, a regional broker-dealer wanted to make client-centric decisions for design of the “workplace of the future” in a post-pandemic environment.

8 Acre Solution

In-depth interviews with a range of clients (across geographic location, age, tenure of relationship) to uncover the following:

  • Points in the client journey where they most value in-person interaction, and where they prefer to engage remotely
  • Potential benefits to engaging remotely and characteristics of a high-quality remote/virtual experience
  • Keys to sustaining the firm’s distinct culture and value proposition in the future environment


Research uncovered client perspectives that differed from some of the initial hypotheses, empowering the firm to more confidently plan for the best options to maintain strong client relationships. In addition, the firm was able to marry this research with internal employee research in order to develop a strategy that considered the perspectives of all stakeholders.